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Xilisoft Partner Program

Xilisoft Corporation, as the leader of Home Entertainment Software developer in the video and audio converting field, we are honored to be the industry standard among current popular converters. We continuously develop cooperation relationships and dedicate to establish this relationship in a win-win beneficial way to expand our business.

As of today, Xilisoft Corporation has established partnerships with AMD Corporation, Sony Corporation, Digital River Corporation and many other well-known enterprises. With such a worldwide cooperation network, we are able to provide a higher level of customer service. The purpose of creating this cooperation program is to recognize the positive role that shareware developer can have in the Home Entertainment Software industry. This Cooperation Program acts as a bridge between Home Entertainment hardware manufactory and shareware developers to better utilize resources and excavate more business opportunities.

We commits to establishing strategic alliances with only the best technology, services providers. To ensure customer satisfactory, we choosing partners that add significant value to the need that our customers rely on every day.

We are always looking for ways to cooperate with potential partners. If you are interested in working with us, or have any suggestions or enquiries, please contact us at

OEM Program

OEM partners

Our OEM Partner Program is dedicating to driving business in the expanding markets by combining or bundling Xilisoft technologies with hardware/software or relative technical service thus add values to their products and expand their market. Learn more...

Rebrand Program


If you're looking for new ways to generate revenue and new products to complement your existing business, then Xilisoft Rebrand Program would be the best choice for you by rebranding Xilisoft products to create high value products of your own. Learn more...

Distributor Program


We seek cooperation with the companies that are expert in software distribution and willing to develop a partnership with us. Our broad range of products would be great opportunities for distribution partners to meet their specific market needs. Learn more...

Reseller Program


Xilisoft product portfolio would bring you high profit margin products with a minimal inventory investment. If you want to sell our products on your online stores or via your current agents/resources, joiningour reseller program will be the best choice for you. Learn more...